Why should I hire a wedding planner?

May 17, 2020

When I got married (almost ten years ago, and before I became a photographer) I planned my own wedding myself. šŸ˜³šŸ¤¦šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø We didn’t hire a wedding planner for our own event, but now that I’ve been in the wedding industry for almost a decade I have some thoughts on that decision.

Pat and I came into our wedding with a total of four children together so we planned our wedding ourselves for a few reasons (you know I’m always gonna keep it real with you here!)…1) I thought a wedding planner was an expense that was a luxury to have, and therefore out of the budget. I’d rather spend that money on our honeymoon in Hawaii! āœˆļøšŸšŸ¹ And 2) because I’m a little bit of a control freak. šŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø

Fast forward to the year of the plague (#covid) when couples are taking their time planning their weddings and I wanted to share some things with you that I wish I had known when I was planning my wedding! There is a lot to consider when choosing your wedding vendors and here are my thoughts about deciding to hire a wedding planner.

I wanted to share info with you straight from an experienced planner that I trust! I talked to my sweet friend, Sarah Brehant, of Brehant Creations to get some serious insights into just how many perks there are to hiring a wedding planner. Brehant Creations has been in business since 2017 and Sarah has planned countless events, weddings, and styled shoots, she is super talented, and really a cool human being. If you’re not already following her then definitely check her out here!

When I chatted with Sarah she pointed out some obvious perks that we will get to, I think the most obvious for me was the idea of having someone to help with setting things up. Man, listen. That alone would’ve been so nice to have on my wedding day! But some things that I didn’t realize were how much you could actually SAVE by using a wedding planner!

Working with an experienced planner can actually help get you discounts on some other vendors on your list! Planners have relationships with a variety of other vendors, so they can help you get even more bang for your buck! Definitely something that I wish I had realized! And they don’t just help you to save, they also help you to create your budget…and stick to it! They can really help you figure out what items are the most important to you, where you should spend a little more or less and help you figure out the things that really aren’t that important at all that you can totally skip! So ultimately, you end up saving by having someone who literally does this for a living help to guide you through the budgeting process!

And those vendor relationships don’t just help with discounts…your wedding planner can help you negotiate with vendors (I hate negotiating!), help you stay on top of payment reminders, overlooking contracts and helping you actually find vendors that are going to be the right fit for your wedding vision!

A good wedding planner will help you through every aspect of your wedding….I mean all the shit that nobody has time for! They will build you custom checklists for the details that are specifically important to you, design and mood boards, building a design plan and literally handling and managing all of the ins and outs that you probably haven’t even considered, never mind have experience with! And even if your Type A (#guilty) and want everything done a certain way (#superguilty) they are there to plan exactly that!

Now we’re going to circle back to that original, obvious, perk…having someone there to help you to set things up. I just wanted to elaborate a little bit more on this because I literally mean that they are helping you set up everything….budget, vendors, contracts, payments, not just your pretty decor details on the day of the wedding. A wedding planner will help you to set up everything…because your time is valuable. Because your short time as a fiance should be fun, exciting and full of date nights, engagement parties and your engagement photos…not stressful and overwhelming.

It’s also a nice perk for me having a planner around on your wedding day to help make sure that we are staying on time, that the venue is bringing you little snacks of bacon-wrapped scallops or pot stickers and drinks…and it doesn’t hurt if they have mad veil-tossing skills…

I hope this helps you to really strongly consider working with a wedding planner! Next week I’ll share with you guys some great questions to ask when you are trying to choose the right wedding planner for your day!

I am always so honored when I get to be a part of a wedding day team! Iā€™m a wedding photographer, wife and a mom. Iā€™m (clearly) a little bit nerdy and a little bit inappropriate. If you are looking for a light, natural, fun and candid wedding photographer to spend your day with you then I would LOVE to chat!  Contact me here!!

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  3. Thanks for sharing such an informative article. wedding planners are those who get the headache of their clients and do their best to make the event/wedding successful. Planners are experienced in managing these things and they make things best and make their clients happier.

  4. Ella Starr says:

    How great that you talk about how your wedding planner will help you get everything set up. My fiance and I are getting married this summer. We will find a great wedding planner in our area as well.

  5. The best part of your blog is when you said that an experienced wedding planner could help you get discounts since they are connected to vendors. This is something that my fiance and I will consider since we have a restricted budget for our wedding in April. I want to ensure that we would be able to achieve our dream wedding decorations without breaking our banks as it will be our most special day.

  6. “A good wedding planner will help us out through every aspect of our wedding. We can also build our own checklist and submitted to the planner for the further discussion.

    As time is very important, the wedding planner saves your time and you will get wonderful results. Thank you for sharing this information with us.”

  7. Your blog is really helpful.

  8. Hey .Great blog. Thanks for sharing such a great article and informative ideas about the wedding planner. It has helped me a lot. Keep on sharing.


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