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Meet  Kelly

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I believe in the magic of tiny moments, laughing until you cry, and the healing power of
chocolate chip ice cream!

I'm a wife.  I married the Chandler to my Monica, the Leonard to my Penny, the Steve Rogers to my
Peggy Carter.
 I'm a Disney fan, a wanna be
Avenger and a
Cards Against Humanity champ. 
I'm sentimental, and I get emotionally attached to fictional characters.  Like, seriously attached.  Oh, and I'm definitely gonna' hug you! 

My favorite photo from my wedding day isn't a photo  of the two of us.  It's from our first dance. We danced a waltz (p.s. we LOVE choreography!) to Can I Have This Dance from High School Musical 3 (we're pretty adorable!) We were twirling and swooning over each other, but you don't see that in the photo.  Instead you see my mom and my best childhood friend together watching us dance...and there are tears streaming down their cheeks as they watch us waltz because they were so incredibly, overjoyed that he and I had found each other!  It's a moment that I would never even know had happened....  

Because your moments matter...

We lost my mom to heart disease in Spring of 2018 and I am so grateful for that moment captured on my wedding day. Moments like that are why I love my job so much and why I believe so much in the tiny moments! I will definitely create beautifully stunning posed portraits of you, but I believe that those candid, tiny moments captured will be the ones that you cherish the most. 


Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and we can gush about the moments of your wedding day that you just can't wait for!

if it wasn't for my photographer.

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I've been photographing weddings since 2012...and weddings are my favorite!  Mostly because of the Cupid Shuffle, or any choreographed dancing, honestly.  Love that shit!  

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"Kelly is the best! On my big day I was so nervous. But, with Kelly's help and specialties my day turned out great!! She photographed the moments we'll remember for a lifetime. Kelly is remarkable!"

Will my photos be in color or black and white?

There's a quote that goes "if you want to remember what it looked like keep it in color, but if you want to remember how something felt, make it black and white."  Girl, YES!
I deliver your gallery to you primarily in color but some photos will speak to me in b&w so you'll get those edits, too!  If you receive your gallery and want something specific edited in b&w, I'm happy to edit those for you!  Please don't put filters on my work...every time you put a filter on a professional photo a baby panda dies.  Save the pandas. ;)

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What is your work style like?

I'm a lifestyle photographer, which means I capture lots of honest, genuine moments for my couples!  These candid moments are really important!  I want you to look and feel like yourself, enjoy your friends and family, and not feel overly posed.  BUT, I also want you to feel comfortable and confident.  So I use gentle, natural guidance and direction throughout the day to make sure that your day feels true to who you are as a couple and that you get photos that you love!

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Do you have liability insurance and back up gear?

Yes!  My business is fully insured and I can provide your venue with a certificate of liability.  I also have back up gear with me at all weddings (just in case!) and I shoot on camera bodies that actually back up your images on two premium quality compact flash cards as I'm shooting.  When I get home they are immediately uploaded and backed up the very same day! 

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"Kelly is absolutely amazing! I'm so glad we found her!  Kelly is sweet, patient, creative, fun and bubbly. She is great to work with and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I hired her over a year before our big day because I just knew she'd be perfect! I have the most gorgeous photos of my wedding that I will cherish forever!! 
Thank you so much, Kelly!!!!" 

The Experience

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On a wedding day I can be seen holding the train of a bride's dress while we change locations, fluffing her gown and veil to the perfection she imagined when she first tried them on, climbing on various items to get the best angle for every shot, and working closely with the rest of the wedding day team to help make the entire day seamless!   
You can expect every Wedding Collection to  include an in person meeting, a custom timeline built for your day and a digital gallery of your photos that you can download with the rights to print and share your photos. 
Wedding Collections begin at $2500
Complete pricing and more information available by completing the Contact form (bottom of the page) or emailing me directly at  

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 I would love to be a part of your wedding team!  If you like my work and want more information then fill out this form or email me at so we can chat!

Thank you!

I'm so excited to chat with you!  You'll hear from me very soon, but until then I hope you'll hop over to your favorite social media and follow me there!



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"Kelly, thank you for everything and for our amazing photos! 
When I see them I can still feel what I felt that day!"