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Meet Kelly

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I'm a wife.  I married the Chandler to my Monica, the Leonard to my Penny, the Steve Rodgers to my Peggy Carter.
I'm a mom of six, yes it's as insane as you imagine it to be.
I believe in sentimental value, emotional attachments to fictional characters and always saying 'I love you'.

My favorite photo from my wedding day isn't a photo  of the two of us.  It's from our first dance. We prepared a waltz (p.s. we LOVE choreography!) to Can I Have This Dance from High School Musical 3 (we're pretty adorable!) We were twirling and swooning over each other, but you don't see that in the photo.  Instead you see my mom and my best childhood friend together watching us dance...and there are tears streaming down their cheeks as they watch us waltz because they were so incredibly, overjoyed that he and I had found each other!  It's a moment that I would never even know had happened...if it wasn't for my photographer.  We lost my mom to heart disease in Spring of 2018 and I am forever grateful for that moment captured on my wedding day.  Moments like that are why I love my job so much and why I believe so much in the tiny moments!  I will definitely create beautifully stunning posed portraits of you, but I believe that those candid, tiny moments captured will be the ones that you cherish the most. 

Because your moments matter...

"Kelly is absolutely amazing!  I'm so glad we found her!  Kelly is sweet, patient, creative, fun and bubbly.  She is great to work with and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.  I hired her over a year before our big day because I just knew she'd be perfect!  I have the most gorgeous photos of my wedding that I will cherish forever!!  Thank you so much, Kelly!!!!"

I'm so happy that you stopped by! Weddings are my very favorite!  I'm a lifestyle photographer and I've been photographing weddings since 2012.  On a wedding day I can be seen holding the train of a bride's dress while we change locations, fluffing her gown and veil to the perfection she imagined when she first tried them on, climbing on various items to get the best angle for every shot, and working closely with the rest of the wedding day team to make sure that the entire day is seamless!  You won't feel posed throughout your entire day, most of the time I want you to relax and enjoy the moments of the day.  Documenting your day authentically is important to me.  Telling your story through my lens in truly an honor!  The stories are the very best part...and (obviously) the CupidShuffle. Wedding collections can be customized however they all include an in person meeting, a customized timeline built for your day and a digital gallery of your photos that you can download.  For more information about collections please click the link below...


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8 Hours of Coverage
2 Photographers
Engagement Session
Online Gallery
Print Release Rights

The Rachel & RoSS

7 Hours of Coverage
1 Photographer
Engagement Session
Online Gallery
Print Release Rights

The Monica & Chandler

6 Hours of Coverage
1 Photographer
Online Gallery
Print Release Rights

The phoebe
& Mike

Military & First Responder couples
receive a 15% discount on Collections
Additional hours of coverage, an additional photographer, Prints, Gallery Wraps and Albums can be added on to any collection

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I love when my phone bings with an email from a couple because it means I get to talk about weddings!  So hit me up and we can talk about your day!  I can't wait to chat with you!!

Thank you!

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