You are #EngagedAF and I'm SO happy you're here!!!

Kelly Pomeroy Photography is a wedding photographer located in Northbridge, MA and photographing weddings all over New England and beyond! 


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Hey, friends, I'm Kelly!  I believe in the magic of tiny moments, laughing until you cry, and the healing power of chocolate chip ice cream!

I'm a wife and a mom. I married the Chandler to my Monica, the Leonard to my Penny, the Steve Rogers to my Peggy Carter.
I've always loved taking photos, but honestly I didn't realize 
how much purpose that held until we lost my mom...

How you doin...

The way she looks at you, the weird shit he whispers in your ear, the way you make each other light up...that should be what people see when they look at your wedding photos!


"Kelly, thank you for everything and for our amazing photos!  
When I see them I can still feel what I felt that day!" - bride Julia

It 's your story...

That's What She Said...

You are getting freaking married....even if your best man is not-so-secretly protesting! 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

Truth be told, he's actually really happy for you, just wait til you hear his toast! 😭🥂

He just doesn't want to spend all day standing around saying "cheese."  😐🧀

No doesn't have to be like that...



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Let's be's YOUR story!