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KP Couples get to be truly present on their wedding day!
Relax, celebrate, and just be totally yourself!

More genuine moments.
 More time together.

it's your story

KP Couples get to be truly present on their wedding day!
Relax, celebrate, and just be totally yourself!

More genuine moments.  More time together.

feel like you

authentic wedding photographs that

Hey, friends, I'm Kelly Pomeroy!  I believe in the magic of tiny moments, laughing until you cry, and the healing power of chocolate chip ice cream!

I'm a wife to a really awesome man. I married the Chandler to my Monica, the Leonard to my Penny, the Steve Rogers to my Peggy Carter.
I believe that love is love.  I believe that black lives matter.  I believe in inclusion, equality, and taking care of our planet.

How you doin...

It's your day.  Just be 


The way she looks at you, the weird shit he whispers in your ear, the way you make each other light up...that is what you should see in your wedding photos!

Wedding photography for couples that are a little bit nerdy, a little sarcastic, and totally crazy about each other!


It 's your story...

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You are getting freaking married....even if your best man is not-so-secretly protesting! 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

Truth be told, he's actually really happy for you, just wait til you hear his toast! 😭🥂

He just doesn't want to spend all day standing around saying "cheese."  😐🧀

No worries....it doesn't have to be like that...



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Kelly is absolutely amazing! I'm so glad we found her! Kelly  took the most beautiful photos and did an awesome job handling our huge wedding party, which included 7 crazy kiddos! Kelly is sweet, patient, creative, fun and bubbly. She is great to work with and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.  I hired her over a year before our big day because I just knew she'd be perfect! I have the most gorgeous photos of my wedding that I will cherish forever!! Thank you so much, Kelly!!!!

- Laurie & Chris
Spencer, Massachusetts


Connect with me through this form or email me directly at info@kellypomeroy.com for detailed pricing and availability!

I Can't Wait to Hear Your Story!

OH.  MY.  GAWD!  

You will hear from me soon!!  In the meantime... follow us on Tweeters! 😂

Let's be real...it's YOUR story!