I can remember so clearly just how excited I was when we were planning our wedding!  I couldn't wait for our first dance (a waltz to a song from High School Musical 3...because we're big Disney geeks!) in my huge princess dress!!  I wanted to dance the day away, eat some good food and party with our friends and family!  I just wanted to have so much fun celebrating our love and I wanted photos of every single moment of our day!  Beautiful, fun, genuine photos!

What I realized when we got our photos back was that our absolute favorites weren't anything we were expecting!  They were the honest moments together and the moments in between, the things that I didn't even notice happening on the big day.  Photos like my mom crying, watching us dance that waltz, photos of us shhhhhh-ing the kids during the ceremony, and the photo of us with empty wine glasses during the toast because no one had filled our glasses! 🤣

Having that experience and that perspective has shaped the experience that I give to my couples!  I want to help you plan your timeline so you don't feel rushed.  I want you to know that I'm going to put you in good light so that you look your best.  I'm going to make sure you don't have Dunkins cups in your background.  And I'm going to give you posing prompts that bring out your personality and help you focus on each other and almost forget that there's a camera there at allBecause your day should be about you and your person, your vibe and your story!  And you should have fun, authentic wedding photos that tell that story!


Because you found your person...

* Coffee...this is a judgement free zone LOL!
* Horror films...I like to sleep at night. 🤷🏻‍♀️
* Clutter...totally stresses me out!
* Snakes.   I'll die.   For real.
* Toxicity.  Don't be a dick.


* Dirty mind...seriously like a teenaged boy
* Ice cream as a coping mechanism
* Intense crush on Chris Evans
* Sarcasm with a dash of nerd
* Movie Dates & Netflix on the couch




We'll spend your whole wedding day together (and I can't wait!) so I thought I'd share a little bit more about me!  I'm a wife, a mom, and a wanna-be Mrs. Maisel!  I'm sentimental, and I get emotionally attached to fictional characters. Like, seriously attached. Oh, and I'm definitely gonna' hug you! I love playing Cards Against Humanity and dirty jokes. Don't worry, I won't make your nana uncomfortable! 😜 I'm bubbly and easy going, and I want you to relax and have fun on your wedding day! And my emergency kit has saved the day more than once! 👜

A little about me...

My Favorites:

Friends TV Show 
Captain America 
my 4 cats

Cards Against Humanity
Marvel Movies
One Tree Hill
Any Season that isn't winter
Couples that laugh During their Vows
Or Cry During their vows...or both
Choreographed dances

"Kelly is absolutely amazing! I'm so glad we found her! Kelly is sweet, patient, creative, fun and bubbly. She is great to work with and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I have the most gorgeous photos of my wedding that I will cherish forever!!"


That's What She Said...


Connect with me through this form or email me directly at info@kellypomeroy.com for detailed pricing and availability!

I Can't Wait to Hear Your Story!

Wohooo!!   I cannot wait to chat with you and hear all about the wedding day of your dreams!  You will hear from me very soon!  🎉🎉🎉💜

Let's be real...it's YOUR story!