5 Things to Do When You Get Engaged!

March 1, 2019

5 Things to do when you get engaged….

You said YES!!  That’s so exciting!!!   If you’re reading this then you’ve probably already done a lot of the basics, but just in case you literally *just* said yes…

          • Call the people that are the most important to you to tell them!  Or at least text them 😉 Don’t let them find out on social media!
          • Watch the Friends episode “The One with the Proposal”…or “The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding”…or “The One with Phoebe’s Wedding”…I think you probably get the picture!
          • Snuggle together!  Seriously…there will be plenty of time for planning.  Enjoy this time together and really make it about the two of you!
          • Get yourself a manicure!  Everyone will be asking to check out that ring, so pamper those hands a little and then post that ring selfie!


Now that we’ve got those out of the way, here are my top 5 tips for what to do when you get engaged!

The first thing to do is not as fun and exciting as the tips above…but it’s pretty important.  Get your ring sized.  Any jeweler can take care of this for you.  They will have to keep your ring for a week or two (which definitely sucks!) but making sure that your ring fits will help make sure that it doesn’t get lost!

Second, you will want to consider getting your ring insured.  The jeweler where the ring was purchased will typically provide you with an appraisal.  You can contact your company that carries your existing renter’s or homeowner’s policy and ask them for information about adding it to your policy.  It’s surprisingly inexpensive to do that!  Or you can purchase a separate policy .

The next step that I recommend is determining a rough budget.  This should help you decide how many guests you’ll want to invite, which will help determine what size venue you’ll need, how long you may plan to be engaged in order to save for the event that you want to have, etc.  Knowing your budget is key.

The fourth step is choosing a date.  I have a few pieces of advice about this.  *Steps on soap box*  This is your wedding.  I’ll say it again.  This is YOUR wedding.  You can totally choose to respect things that everyone else wants your day to be like, but do it on your terms.  Choose a time of year that you want your wedding day to fall on.  Do you want a summer wedding?  Pick a date in the summer, even if everyone is telling you that it’ll be too hot.  It’s your day.  Your one day.  They’ll be fine.  This date can be soon or you can have a super long engagement.  You decide what is right for your story.

And lastly, celebrate this engagement!  You can do this any way that you want (again, on your terms) but please don’t skip this step.  There are so many ways to celebrate!  You can throw an engagement party.  You can plan a ladies night/guys night together to celebrate with the people that you are asking to be a part of your bridal party.  You can plan a  weekend away together, just the two of you.  Wedding planning can get chaotic and sometimes stressful.  So if you want to do things to celebrate this engagement a few times throughout your engagement…do that!  Enjoy this time in your life.  You’ve waited a long time to be here.  Celebrate every chance that you get!



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