How to choose the right wedding planner

June 22, 2020

Choosing a wedding planner

Hey friends! If you’ve been following along you know that we have already talked about why you should hire a wedding planner and ten questions to ask a wedding planner when you are interviewing potential planners. Now that you have all of that information…how do you actually choose the right wedding planner for your day?!?

First, you want to make sure that their style fits your vision. That might sound obvious, but it’s really important that you work with a planner that gets excited about creating and vibe that you are dreaming about! Look at their portfolio. Think about your wedding day. Do you want a really traditional vibe? Do you see that all over their work? Or do you want a really modern, abstract aesthetic? Basically, narrow down your list of planners first to people who specialize in the look and feel that you want!

Choosing a wedding planner, building a champagne wall

Then, once you know you have found a few great options for planners that can definitely execute your vision…you need to make time to actually meet with them, even if it’s only a video chat! I think this is important to do with your wedding photographer because they will be with you allllll day long at your wedding, seriously longer than your spouse, so you want to make sure that you like them! This is definitely also the case with your wedding planner….because you’ll be working with them for months, likely over a year planning your wedding. So make sure they are someone who gets you!

Meet one of my favorites…

Lastly, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite planners in New England…meet Sarah Brehant of Brehant Creations Events! Sarah and her team love working with couples who have a quirky, unique style and aren’t afraid to stray from the traditional, cookie-cutter wedding day! They are passionate about taking the time to really get to know their clients so that they can match them with the best possible team of vendors and really understand the couple’s priorities.

I think my favorite thing that I’ve learned about the way Sarah and her team care for their couples is that they truly try to create an experience and event for them that reflects who the couple is so much that guests actually walk away from a wedding feeling like they know that couple better than they did when they arrived! 💜

If you are looking for an experienced, talented, dog-loving wedding planner who is inclusive, eco-friendly, super sweet and a pro at that epic veil toss then you should definitely check out Sarah here and follow her here!

And if you’re looking for a wedding photographer who loves capturing bright, light, true to the day wedding photos for couples that are a little bit nerdy, and absolutely crazy about each other then hit me up HERE! 💜

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  1. My sister wants to hire a wedding planner for her big day. I am so glad you recommend choosing a planner that matches the style you want for your wedding. I’ll make sure my sister takes this into consideration to find the perfect wedding planner.


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